Overusing Keywords in Your Blog

Search engines like Google are smart.

In fact, they are so smart that they are able to detect when your website is a scam and when it’s legit.

The purpose of search engines is to give their customers the best online experience by directing them to the most useful website.

Therefore, whatever key words are being typed into the search engine bar, Google wants to ensure they will produce the best websites results.

If they fail to do this, then the customers will use another search engine and Google’s respectable reputation will quickly diminish.

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For this reason, Google scans sites looking for those keywords. In the past, blog writers would overload these keywords onto their clients sites. This helped increase their SEO (search engine optimization) rankings but they were not useful sites for the customers. To remedy this, Google changed the way it scanned for legit sites.

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In fact, if you are overusing your keywords Google may think you’re not legit and will mark you lower on SEO.

That’s why hiring a good blog writer is important. You want someone who can understands this concept.

Incorporating keywords is a tricky balance.

What you want to do is focus on creating quality content with a few useful key words. If you’re thinking about the needs of the people visiting your site, then you will ultimately be successful.


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