How to Handle Negative Comments on Your Businesses Social Media

A negative social media comment is bound to happen. And when it does, no need to worry or feel too upset. This is all quite common when running any business. Although you want to make sure it’s handled correctly.


After seeing the comment, you need to address the situation. In other words never ignore or delete the negative statement. Instead, you want to respond as quickly as you can. For this reason, you’ll want someone managing your social media accounts, daily.

When responding, try your best to help. Do not become defensive or angry. Instead, approach the situation in a caring and calm manner.

If the conversation is going back and forth and becoming too long, the best option is to give the customer a number or email for them to reach you and talk one on one with each other.

woman calling using smartphone

Problems and mistakes happen. At first people can have a harsh and critical reaction but once they feel they have been heard and the problem will be solved, they calm down. In fact, they will likely praise your company for handling it as well as you did.

So, while your first reaction to a negative comment may be defensive, remember to stay calm and help the person out. Your other followers will be reading how your company responded and will have a greater respect for you if you take the high road.