The Magic of Nature

Spring - Mid 1980’s At four years old, one of my first memories is laying on a bare mattress; trying to take a nap. I say “trying” because it was the middle of the day and I remember being wide awake. An invisible breeze twirled into the small wooden panel room from the narrow window … Continue reading The Magic of Nature

Long Live Dropping The Ego

“Film me as I run up this hill” I excitley demanded while throwing my phone towards my hiking partner.  We were along Peralta Trail in the Superstition Mountains, right along the spot where Weaver’s Needle a tall rock formation first comes into view. This wasn’t my first rodeo on Peralta Trail. In fact, two years … Continue reading Long Live Dropping The Ego

A Story of Grief & Depression; & Magic Found In Nature

As my worn dusty hiking shoes curved along the mountain trail switchback, a speck of light caught my attention. I turned to look at the source behind me, and realized a rainbow was proudly arched from mountain top to mountain top along this early summer morning hike in Phoenix, Arizona. “Roy G Biv” I thought … Continue reading A Story of Grief & Depression; & Magic Found In Nature

April Full Moon – A Time to Release and Let Go

Tonight, at around 7:30ish (Arizona time), the biggest and brightest Super Moon of 2020 will be rising up from the horizon. And me? Around that time, you’ll find me sitting in my wooden patio chair, soaking in the glow of that moon light upon my skin and warm orange and yellow flicker of flames dancing … Continue reading April Full Moon – A Time to Release and Let Go

Hot Yoga Experience…Part III

As I slipped my sandals back on and walked out into the chilly November air to my car I felt the most relaxed, I’ve ever felt. The bun on the top of my head had toppled over to the left side and that strands of hair where sticking out everywhere. But I didn’t care. I … Continue reading Hot Yoga Experience…Part III

Hot Yoga Experience…Part II

With my bare feet I took my first step onto the wooden floor. The smell of moist cedar and a warm humid air filled my lungs surrounding my body. The room was dimly lit with white led candles flickering along the walls of the room. The instructor’s mat was in the front center of the … Continue reading Hot Yoga Experience…Part II

The Hot Yoga Experience

Part 1 Right now, I’m going through a stressful time in my life. Not to's also the holiday season. Getting through the holiday season is one thing but adding life's obstacles can make it even tougher. So, to stay sane and calm through all of this, I have turned heavily to three things: HikingListening … Continue reading The Hot Yoga Experience

Join Me for a New Years Experiment

A few weeks back, I watched a movie on Netflix called, Game Changers. It’s a documentary about how supreme athletes have become game changers due to eating a plant based diet, making them stronger and healthier than ever. The term, "Game Changers" doesn’t just apply to their performance but also changing the game at how … Continue reading Join Me for a New Years Experiment

How to Improve Our Emotional Intelligence

Growing up we were taught that our IQ score would determine how intelligent we are. The higher the IQ the more successful we would be in life. However, there is more to intelligence than the intellectual level. In fact, most successful leaders, such as billionaire Warren Buffet does not have a higher IQ than the … Continue reading How to Improve Our Emotional Intelligence