The Magic of Nature

Spring - Mid 1980’s At four years old, one of my first memories is laying on a bare mattress; trying to take a nap. I say “trying” because it was the middle of the day and I remember being wide awake. An invisible breeze twirled into the small wooden panel room from the narrow window … Continue reading The Magic of Nature

Long Live Dropping The Ego

“Film me as I run up this hill” I excitley demanded while throwing my phone towards my hiking partner.  We were along Peralta Trail in the Superstition Mountains, right along the spot where Weaver’s Needle a tall rock formation first comes into view. This wasn’t my first rodeo on Peralta Trail. In fact, two years … Continue reading Long Live Dropping The Ego

Never Underestimate the Power of White Space

When you are blogging, your readers likely are not reading everything that you are writing. Sorry to say! Most of us online readers are skimming the page. It’s just what we all do. Usually we are looking for pieces of information and just want to be able to find the answers and then move on. So in order to help our readers out, we create a lot of white space.

Accepting Feedback as a Freelance Writer

While I was getting my undergrad degree in English, in all my writing courses we would have numerous peer review days. This was when you would give a draft of your story to another classmate and have them review and edit it. I dreaded these days. Not another peer review day! At first, it’s a … Continue reading Accepting Feedback as a Freelance Writer

Bloggers: Write Like You Talk

No one enjoys reading a research paper. Even if it’s the most interesting topic you can imagine, putting it in a research theme type of paper, can quickly become snoozefest. If your blog is too formal it can feel like a monotone robot spewing out information. Which, people in academics seem to love but the rest of us searching online need a little bit more fun and engagement.

Tips for Writer’s Block

At some point in all writers’ careers, it’s going to happen. The inevitable writers block. It could last for a few minutes, a few days or even longer. I know that sometimes, it can take me a few days to find the right words or the right way to deliver the message I’m trying to … Continue reading Tips for Writer’s Block

Managing Your Writing Goals

We, as humans all tend to become overly excited and extremely motivated when first setting goals. We envision who we want to be and then say that nothing will get in the way of our dreams. And for a few days, maybe even a few weeks it works.

We stay on track and hit our goals. Until…the inevitable happens.  You somehow manage to screw up your goal plan.