The Magic of Nature

Spring - Mid 1980’s At four years old, one of my first memories is laying on a bare mattress; trying to take a nap. I say “trying” because it was the middle of the day and I remember being wide awake. An invisible breeze twirled into the small wooden panel room from the narrow window … Continue reading The Magic of Nature

Long Live Dropping The Ego

“Film me as I run up this hill” I excitley demanded while throwing my phone towards my hiking partner.  We were along Peralta Trail in the Superstition Mountains, right along the spot where Weaver’s Needle a tall rock formation first comes into view. This wasn’t my first rodeo on Peralta Trail. In fact, two years … Continue reading Long Live Dropping The Ego

A Story of Grief & Depression; & Magic Found In Nature

As my worn dusty hiking shoes curved along the mountain trail switchback, a speck of light caught my attention. I turned to look at the source behind me, and realized a rainbow was proudly arched from mountain top to mountain top along this early summer morning hike in Phoenix, Arizona. “Roy G Biv” I thought … Continue reading A Story of Grief & Depression; & Magic Found In Nature